Terms Of Service

We welcome you to our website. If you wish to continue to visit or browse the website that we created then it invariably implies that you are wishing to comply with the following condition and the terms of use. If under any circumstances that you do not agree with anything that is included in the following terms, we request you to refrain from our website. The terms mentioned in the report like ‘us’ or ‘we’ is referring to the website’s owner. Again the term ‘you’ refer to the valuable visitor who will use our site for the purpose of gathering information.

Terms of use:
There is several general in formations that is provided in the website. And all these information can change at any time without any given notice. The website also monitors the preference of browsing of the website with the help of the cookies. In case of your allowance for the usage of the cookies, there is certain information that will be stored by our websites like your name, email address, credit card number. At a later time these in formations may also be the subject for the use of the third party associates. Also no guaranty is provided on our part or from the third part associates to the use of the personal information accurately or completely. There is no guaranty for the timelessness or the suitability and performance on the information on the several offers made in the website as well. We also exclude any liability to the inaccuracy in the website to the fullest degree as deemed by the law or justice. You can also use the information provided at the risk of your own. For such cases we are not held liable. We provide you with the information that it shall be your own responsibility to use the any product and ensure that the products as well as the information and the services that are provided and available at the website suit best to the specificity of your requirements.

License and trademarks of the website:
There are several materials in the content of the website to which only we have the licensing of. The design, appearance, look, as well as the graphics of the website are included in this. If without conforming or keeping accordance to the copyright laws the above mentioned services are reproduced, then that is deemed under malpractice. The copy right laws are a part of the terms and conditions mentioned in the website. Acknowledgement is provided to the operator whose trademarks are used in the website. These trademarks are merely used by the website or are reproduced by the website. There may raise the question of the claim of damage from you if the contents of the website are used in an unauthorized manner. It is also deemed as the criminal offence.

Links to other websites:
Website may also use and include several links of different types of other websites. These links ensure that you provide your information and increase your convenience. But it does not refer to the fact that we are opting for the endorsement of such websites whose links are provided in our site. There is no responsibility on our part regarding the websites that may remain linked with our website. Also we mention that the use of our website and the disputes that may arise along with the use of the website is subject under the legal jurisdiction and the laws governing the state and the country.

Authorized use of the website:
Our website is solely intended for the use that is only lawful and the use will only pertain to the obtainment of the several in formations provided in the website. Receiving of the information on the part of the website is also a part of the lawful activities. The website strictly prohibits the obstruction or inhibition of the use of the website. No contents of the website must also be altered. Website does not also support the harming of the minors for the collection or the soliciting of the information that is personal from any person or individual under the age of eighteen. Any sort of transmission or uploading of unlawful, harassing, fraudulent, defamatory or vulgar materials through the limitation of the website is subject to civil liability and will fall under criminal offence. No explicit messages or content must be sent via the website or otherwise be considered as a criminal offence. Also harvesting the information contained in the website regarding the personal information of any individual is also condemned by the website. We do not ensure any protection of the user of the website under the cases of criminal offence.

Intellectual property:
Not limited to the text but in the inclusion of it, the website that we have created is protected under law of the state. You will have to agree when visiting to our website to protect and conserve the rights of propriety of the website. All the rights in the present situation and also in the future are only reserved to be used by the hotel authorities for the exclusive usage of the same. You are not permitted to use the intellectual property of the hotel website except in cases of specific permissions.

By destroying all the documents and the materials used from the service you may easily terminate the terms of service usage at any time preferable to you. In case that there exist a third party suspension or further termination of services our hotel website shall not be held responsible in that case. On your agreement to terminate the services provided to you by our website we may suspend all the services that he extend to you by the means of our website without any proper or prior notice. Under the condition of such termination you must destroy all the necessary documents obtained from the website and also refrain from the use of it as promptly as possible. Also it must be accepted by you that the services may change resulting from the inability on your part to access the website content. We will not be held liable under such circumstances.